Colleen P. Karnish

Colleen P. Karnish

Operations Manager | CRM Administrator

Colleen P. Karnish, Operations Manager/CRM Administrator (Client Contact Management System), has been providing Operational Supervision and Administration for over 15 yrs.  Colleen has extensive background with all phases of Operations including Client Service, Account Transfers, Cash Management, New Accounts, Operations Manual and Product Procedures and not just limited to the above areas.   

Colleen has had extensive exposure to the Business Arena with her past experiences prior to becoming an Operations Manager such as, an Executive Administrative Assistant and a Sales Representative for a Radio Station as well as a Marketing Representative and Sales Administrator for a major telemarketer.   

Colleen has participated in various forums and breakout sessions while attending LPL Financials National Educational Conferences for the last 15 yrs.  Colleen has also participated in various webinars and educational classes regarding the Financial Services Operations Area as well as various business classes while attending Clarion University of Pennsylvania.   

Colleen enjoys her family which includes her husband and business partner, Casimir J. Karnish, as well as her children Ryan, Hillary, Benjamin and Michael and her grandchildren.  Colleen enjoys golfing, skiing, gardening and co-coordinating family activities.